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Thursday, 16 February 2017

We are in!

Hi everyone,

Well i have great news, we are finally in and have internet so i can do a blog post!

We had settlement on Friday 27th and handover of keys and walk through of house and how to care for the house etc.

Picked up the truck on Saturday morning and moved the house and large items. (such a mission)

Had the following week off to go back and clean the rental property and unpack the house still have a room full of things to unpack but that will come later on.

We love our house, love been out in the country and having the big 2 lounge windows open and so relaxing and quiet but not far from a shopping mall or if need things nearby.

Our cats have adjusted to the new home and now outside and exploring the backyard.

We have brought blinds for the house from spotlight and started buying things for the back yard to do landscaping, a large dump of soil for the yard and compacting the dirt down ready for grass and garden beds.

Fences went up around the property last week and looking good!

Everyday im seeing houses been built and people moving in and enjoying there new homes and watching our estate come alive.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Stage 5 - completion & landscaping

Welcome everyone to 2017!

Its been a very busy few weeks with Christmas and New Years
We had family over for the christmas period and was great to see them all again and show them our house, which they loved and thought it was such a great design.

We had the house presentation on the 16th of December and did a inspection with the site builder, only found minor works to be fixed with paint touch ups and a fly screen being the wrong size.

We had 2 weeks off from work and managed to get in some time to do some backyard work removing rocks and stones and bringing in fresh new soil and getting the fencing done.

Our site manager is away until the 14th and once returns back will arrange to have the last couple of things done, lay the driveway and letter box and fix up paint works.
We are looking at having settlement and handover on the 30th of January were we will hand over our final cheque from the bank and get the keys and oven will be installed.  

Now time to go and start doing some more packing up! 

Check out our latest photos on what we have been up to!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Stage 4 - Lockup Stage

So whats the latest happening...

Our house is currently at lock up stage and all painted and looking amazing! I still can't get over the speed of how everything is going.
We started in early September and have Home Presentation on the 9th of December, where they will present our new completed home to us and should be in by Christmas time if all goes to plan.

Stage 4 - What's been completed

  • Walls have been installed and doors
  • Floor and Wall tiling to be completed 
  • Fittings has been completed
  • Cabinets have been installed
  • Painting has been completed
  • Bricks are completed and now at lock up stage 

    Stage 5 - What's happening next 
    • The front to be rendered and driveway to be laid down
    • Floor and Wall tiling to be completed 
    • Carpet to be installed and laid down
    • Plumbing to be installed
    • Eletrical to be installed
    • Site clearing and cleaning
    • House presentation 

    On the 9th of December will also be doing our final checks on the house and looking at any faults or things that may have been missed by the builders.

    December is going to be a very busy month as we have family visiting for Xmas! But i will keep you all posted shortly! 

    Friday, 11 November 2016

    Stage 3 - Update & Progressing Fast

    Just a quick update to fill everyone whats been happening over the last couple of weeks,
    We are almost at the end of Stage 3 and Lock Up Stage is next week.
    Cabinets have been installed around the house also in the bathroom and kitchen 
    Our walls are up and roofing is now completed
    The bricks are half way done around the house and not looking as bad as i first thought they were
    Doors are expected to be installed in the next 2 days.
    I have heard after lock up is completed its going to slow down and not sure why but its meant to happen with all builders but wait and see.

    One thing I wanted to talk about is that we have come across is about the walk way down the side of the house, As i mentioned in my last post I have taken a photo so you can get more of an idea of what I was talking about.
     If you are buying a block of land that's 12.5 wide stop and pay the extra money and go for the 14 or 16 wide block of land so this doesn't become a issue.
    There will be our hot water tank on the concrete slab on the side and its going to be very hard to get past. Our only entry to the backyard now is really through the middle of the house as the other side of the house is blocked off by the neighbor's house and garage.

    We are going to a Metricon first builders seminar this Saturday to hear people talk about the following
    Hear from our team of experts who will explain all the steps involved from paying your initial deposit through to being handed the keys to your new home.Learn how, throughout the journey, you will receive the attention of specialised individuals dedicated to building your new home.Meet a Metricon client who has recently built their dream home and listen as they share their exciting building journey.Take the opportunity for a “sneak peek” at Metricon’s leading selection centre,
    Studio M 
    Enjoy refreshments while asking questions of our experienced team and speakers.Chris Carroll the interior stylist, presenter and author behind the popular blog The Life Creative will be our guest MC.

    I strongly suggest if you are a first home builder or having thoughts of building your first home you attend a session like this, its a great way to ask questions and get more of a insight to the processes that happen and what to do to get things started and also hear back from other people about their experiences.
    so looking forward to that this weekend and meeting new people.

    Anyway enjoy some photos below and feel free to ask questions or share your feedback or experiences.

    Looking towards the kitchen


    Kitchen cabinets 

    Brick work around the back of the house

    Walls are up around the lounge area

    Bricks around the side of the house

    Doors have arrived and ready to be installed

    Pink batts around the house to keep us warm

    Walls have arrived and ready to be put up

    The front of the house coming along nicely

    Ensuite cabinet 

    Saturday, 29 October 2016

    Stage 3 - Brickwork & Lockup

    We have rolled into Stage 3 of the building process the frame is all completed now and the facia & gutter is completed also the roof is now finished with our dark tiles.
     The bricks have arrived to start laying around the building on Monday and then once that has finished we will be at lockup stage to move onto Stage 4.

    I'm still not too happy about our colour brick since Metricon were no longer able to provide our brick colour on the selected colour scheme that we signed for 2 years which was a shame, this was the next best thing to a dark colour they had on offer. 

    We have found that the hot water placement is in the walkway of the side of the house with a very small tight squeeze to get to the backyard but its meant to be normal as all houses have this so we are told.
     Its so small you wouldn't be able to fit a wheel barrow down the side, so will make things interesting when we are trying to landscape the backyard.

    The cabinet installation is scheduled to be done on the 11th of November so lock up will be looking around 8th or 9th of November.

    Overall the build has been smooth so far and a very quick process, we went out today and took some photos for you all to look

    Still happy with the design and layout of the house feel it suits us and our lifestyle.

    We also changed our alarm sensors for our house to pet friendly, something we totally forgot about with a extra cost of $400

    Now lets talk about the estate,  The main road of our estate has been extended for the other stages to start and getting ready to open up shortly and looking at all the other stages most have sold out so quickly!

    Very excited to start seeing it all becoming more established and lots of houses going up and community centre starting and our new park to start early next year.

    We have great neighbors so far and looking at the Facebook group lots of questions and people getting to know each other and getting connected.