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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Final Plans Approved and Ordering of Materials and Supplies!

Hi All,

So whats happened in the last couple of weeks.

  • Reviewed and signed off on the final plans & approved
  • Water has been installed on our block of land from Yarra Valley Water
  • Building permit has been approved from the surveyor
  • Metricon have been out and measured our block of land and done site testing

Whats happening next
  • Handover to our Building Support Coordinator
  • Production team will start ordering of materials and supplies
  • Arranging of builders and working out a starting date with coordinator
  • Fence off property and site cut scrapping and laying of pipes in the next 10 days

After we did settlement we got sent a copy of our final plans within a few days but had a few questions and came across some mistakes to they had to be changed.

There was about 20 pages we had to review, color schemes and drawings of the house and plans with layouts and changes we had made.
We reviewed all of these over a good 2 hours making sure we read all the fine print and cross check the variations that we had made were added.

And just recently our final plans were approved with the developer and builder so we are another step closer to starting and today our building consent was approved from the council.
So now its time to meet with the builder and for the Metricon team to start arranging builders and ordering building supplies and finish off the last of the pre-site construction tasks.

We got a call last Thursday from the developer to pop out and pick up something so we went out and got given this lovely hamper below with all these nice cheeses and crackers and spread with a nice cheese board to go with it - we used it all this weekend with friends and they couldn't stop raving about nice and thoughtful it was.

While we were out there visiting we saw that our taps had been installed and received a letter with our account number to our new property and details to the new address. 

Our block of land starting to grow grass over it and pink ribbon on the corners to mark our boundary to our property.

Construction of the interim community centre and park coming along nicely at Annadale

Its crazy to watch how quick the estate is going up and others in the area, Annadale is up to selling Stage 12 so half of the estate is sold now.

Also i'm getting a lot of questions about where the Kyton 24 display home is in Mernda and i'm sorry to say that it has finished and been sold off.
I will post a new blog page with all the photos taken from the display home so hopefully that will help a little with what you are looking for in a home.

Watch this space for future updates, feel free to share my blog and comment if you have questions always happy to answer!

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